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Reintegration of the Church and gardens of the Hospital

Enhancement of the San Francisco Church and the gardens adjoining it, Centennial Provincial Hospital

In that chapel ...

by Alberto J. Muniagurria

If you go back in time since 1910, many dreams and constructions have been developed, in the block of Urquiza and France, others have been demolished, stories that have happened, people and characters who traveled through those open corridors.

A bell announced the entry of the teachers, 3 bells the arrival of a patient on duty. Successive chimes called for the start of the religious celebration. In that chapel of Suipacha and Urquiza, in that corner where those students who were about to surrender approached to ask their God to touch the most widely read ball, or the tearful patient asked for the healing of her hospitalized son, or that occasional visitor found his moment of silence. Many stories and experiences forgotten in memory but with strong marks to be recovered in the collective imagination.

In the gardens of San Francisco, because that is her name, there is the image of the Virgin of Peace , with the child in her arms, offering those seeking comfort a place of meditation and meditation.

Thus, for all the aforementioned, following the wishes of María Antonia Astengo , the foundation has embarked on recovering for the urban and hospital fabric the religious house, which is now in the hands of the University, but has been offered in loan to the archbishopric.

To the enthusiasm of the foundation, the Archbishopric, the University, the Provincial and Municipal Government, and the Faculty of Medical Sciences , which by being together in a common goal, have acquired a capacity for realization that makes society a little better. .

Because that was the objective that prevailed in the origins of the hospital, that they all be a little better ...

August 2013

The Foundation met with the Rector of the UNR Darío Maiorana to carry out the improvement and reintegration of the chapel and gardens of the Hospital del Centenario, the same project includes the installation of a fountain donated by Mrs. Maria Antonia Astengo de Barrutia for placement on the hospital grounds.

August 2014 

The work on the conditioning of the corner of Suipacha and Urquiza corresponding to the gardens of the San Francisco Chapel began, with the collaboration of the landscape architect Francisco Enz .

Likewise, the site was presented to different architecture groups to select who will carry out the enhancement of the Chapel.

October 2014

The repair works of the Centennial Chapel begin with the technical direction of the Architect Rafael Araya and the execution of the ONE constructions team, under the supervision of the Architect Gerardo Oneglia .

November 2014

On November 9, the Archbishop of Rosario, Monsignor Eduardo Eliseo Martin, received a visit, who celebrated a mass for the sick in the "San Francisco" church located on the hospital grounds. This event becomes interesting not only for receiving this high representative of the Catholic Church, but also for being the first time in the history of the Centennial that a high prelate officiates a mass on his premises. In his words about the event, the archbishop referred to compassion as the emotion that arises when taking over the care task. In the year that ends, the University has handed over to the Rosario Curia the administration of the prayer space for 50 years. For this reason, our foundation is carrying out infrastructure works that will value this place, in Suipacha and Urquiza,

February 2015

Work is progressing on the conditioning of the corner of Suipacha and Urquiza corresponding to the San Francisco Chapel. This week the painting work of the entire building begins thanks to the generosity of Publicar SA (Mr. Guillermo Frutos)

March 31, 2015

The first and most important stage of the restoration ends and a Thanksgiving mass is held to Holding this event counted the participation of more than 300 people in the venue. Work continues to beautify the Church gardens and the transfer of the Fuente del Angel to the same property begins.

October 12, 2018

A hot and cold climate conditioning system was installed for the Church and new large capacity fans were installed. In addition, the external and internal lighting was improved.

A closed-circuit surveillance and monitoring system for internet TV was also incorporated.

Oscar Fay, Alberto J. Muniagurria con los rectores de la Universidad Héctor Floriani y Darío Maiorana

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

A traditional Corpus Christi mass, in front of the Centennial Hospital

The Corpus Christi celebration was dedicated to the sick and was held for the first time on the esplanade of a health center

by María Laura Favarel / The Capital

The traditional mass and procession is held in the Cathedral and the Plaza 25 de Mayo. But this year the bishop of Rosario, Eduardo Martín, wanted him to dedicate himself to the sick at the Centennial Hospital.

Defying the cold, the wind and, at times, the intense drizzle, a crowd of the faithful gathered on the esplanade of the care center, where the Catholic feast of Corpus Christi (body of Christ) took place for the first time in history.

In front of the effector the altar was placed where Martin celebrated mass accompanied by all the priests of the city. Meanwhile, a crowd of faithful remained at the corner of France and Urquiza.

"Let's take care of the sick," said the archbishop and focused his homily on a request that all people of good will take care of them and the elderly. It was a message that echoed what Pope Francis endlessly proclaims when he asks that the weakest in society not be left aside, especially in this year that he wanted to dedicate to "mercy".

"We celebrate this mass at the entrance of the hospital so that we learn to see Jesus in those who suffer, in the sick. We have to be our part today so that God may do his miracles," he proclaimed.

He recalled that "Jesus wants to reach all the sick to comfort and heal them," and stressed the value of suffering for Christians who know that Christ also suffered.

In this context, he appreciated the work done by doctors, nurses and all hospital staff, and wanted the volunteers to donate food and clothing to the internees yesterday.

The walk. After the mass, the archbishop made a unique gesture. While people waited for him to go out in procession with the white host, seated on a golden custody, Monsignor Martín went inside the hospital to bless the sick first.

The faithful waited patiently until the bishop came out in solemn procession accompanied by all the faithful. With custody and under a canopy, he was sheltered from the drizzle and hundreds of umbrellas intermingled to follow him in procession.

The walk began at the Centennial and then the crowd followed the bishop through France, Tucumán and Riccheri, culminating in the Immaculate Conception parish in Riccheri and Salta.

Silence. During the tour, the bishop carried the body of Christ in solemn silence. The attendees accompanied with songs and prayers.

The celebration culminated with Monsignor Martín's thanks to all those who collaborate in the care of the sick and a fervent and joyous applause from the crowd that contrasted with the gray and unpleasant day.

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