Our history


    It was at the beginning of the year 1910, when the mayor of Rosario, Dr. Isidro Quiroga , brought together neighbors to work on ideas to celebrate the one hundred years of the May 1810 revolution. A commission quickly chaired by Mr. Cornelio Casablanca followed by members of the community who are also members: Ciro Echesortu (Second President) Casiano Casas (Third President), José Castagnino, Martín de Sarratea, Emilio D. Ortiz, Luis Colombo, José García Gonzalez, Juan D. Quintana, Fernando E. Pesán , Ovidio Rodriguez, Eduardo I. Rosenberg, Angel Muzzio, Lisandro de la Torre, Santiago Pinasco, Guillermo Sugasti, Leopoldo Uranga, and Enrique Astengo.The idea of ​​celebrating the date arises from this group of people from Rosario by building a hospital by public subscription. On May 6, 1910, the project was presented in the halls of the Jockey Club in Rosario, where the Casablanca presented the project and started the path of what would be the Centennial Provincial Hospital and, subsequently, the Faculty of Medicine. the community, who responds by contributing funds for the project. It was through the union of citizen forces, with the participation of individuals and the community, the national, provincial and municipal government, who contributed the land for the work. In a few years, the Centennial Hospital was inaugurated, and it emerged in 1920, in the presidency of the Nation of Dr. Hipólito Yrigoyen, what was the Faculty of Medicine, today of Medical Sciences of Rosario

    In the course of time, an April 15, 1977 was created in our city, by the idea of ​​the then dean Professor Dr. Juan Pablo Recagno Cepeda, the Foundation Faculty of Medical Sciences of Rosario. Professor Dr. Rafael M. Pineda was commissioned for its development. In the elapsed time, of a quarter of a century, the foundation builds a rich history of citizen effort accompanying and sustaining the development of the Faculty of Medicine, the Centennial Provincial Hospital and, through them, benefiting the Rosario community and the area.

    Since August 2001 our institution, by unanimous decision of the Board of Directors, and in tribute to those who led their destinations for more than 23 years, has adopted the name of Rosario Medical Sciences Foundation "Prof. Dr. Rafael M. Pineda”.

    Its board of directors is represented by members of the community, health professionals, academics, business representatives, and from the various professions, both in the sciences and in the arts, from the city of Rosario, as well as from the graduate students in the study house.

    The Foundation's fundamental objectives are to permanently contribute to the hierarchy of medical care, and the technical and academic growth of its School Hospitals and its Faculty of Medicine, both in its face as referential health centers , integrated and articulated to the provincial network , as in the teaching center with training of students and professionals. Encouraging and supporting basic and clinical research, and collaborating with the improvement and sustainability of public health care in the region.

    One of the great objectives is to unite the graduates, students and teachers scattered around the world, with their house of studies, which allows them to meet , learn about their experiences, dive into common roots, and actively participate with their source of training.

    The daily realization of these objectives requires a constant generation and mobilization of funds and resources. As a member of the non-governmental and non-profit sphere, each individual and group task of the members of the Foundation involves an appeal to the living forces of society, who are permanently responsible

    Its maintenance is based on the adequate and solidary investment of the funds it collects for its work. The work of the Foundation rescues with vigor and actions the concept of heritage and social sensitivity, so characteristic of the history of the Centennial, for the benefit of the community that is served in public health, the sole recipient of our work.

    21st century medicine presents new frontiers of knowledge. For the Foundation, it is about new challenges that, once again, have to activate the set of wills that in our society can and should carry out actions that allow us to advance technically and intellectually in that sense.

    This reality finds the Medical Sciences Foundation giving full impetus today to one of its most ambitious projects: a Centennial Hospital facing the new millennium, which responds to the demands for a better quality of life, based on respect and the right of all the community to it. including the Faculty of Medical Sciences and its School Hospitals

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